Community Legal Services Mission

To provide no-cost legal services to the most vulnerable in Central Florida, helping them protect their families, health, and livelihood.

Why we’re here.

Community Legal Services is a full service civil legal aid law firm that promotes equal access to justice, which is a core American value. Approximately 50 – 80% of low-income Americans’ legal needs go unmet. Nearly one million people in Central Florida qualify for our services. Our lawyers, paralegals, and advocates provide free legal aid, helping more than 20,000 people in Central Florida each year. We help low-income people resolve urgent, non-criminal legal problems that make a difference in their everyday lives, such as protecting seniors from unlawful evictions, making sure women and children are protected from violence in their homes, and helping veterans receive financial benefits they have earned and rely on. Our law firm provides professional legal aid to help low-income people protect their livelihoods, their health, and their families. We make it easier for the most vulnerable and disenfranchised Central Floridians to access legal information, gain legal assistance and representation, and to understand their rights.

How we help.

Our attorneys and advocates solve legal issues related to consumer protection, debt and creditors, family law, children and education, domestic violence, elder abuse and neglect, health and income-related benefits, housing, and veterans’ benefits. Every year, we help thousands of Central Floridians obtain and maintain the basic necessities of life, including: food, shelter, health care, safety, and education. We assist homeless people with finding emergency shelter, fair housing, medical treatment, food, and enrollment in public benefits. We help older adults with life planning documents such as wills and powers of attorney, guardianship of grandchildren, and housing issues. We help veterans obtain public benefits, achieve discharge status upgrades, housing, and medical needs. We help families stay safe during domestic violence situations, pro-se divorce, child custody and support, paternity, and legal name changes. We help people recover from identity theft, cope with debt collection, fraudulent credit card charges, predatory lenders, and consumer fraud. We help people gain or keep their life-line income sources such as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP/food stamps,) Social Security income, Social Security Disability income, Medicaid and Medicare. We rapidly respond to support our communities during disaster situations, helping them obtain safe housing, find appropriate educational solutions for displaced students, working with FEMA claims, and replacing lost or destroyed documents that are necessary to rebuild their lives.

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